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Myrna Lewis

"The strengths in the Lewis Method is that it sprang from the transition period of apartheid to democracy in South Africa. It has a message to many different cultures around the globe. To invent a method like this takes wisdom, courage and empathy." - Poul Erik Christoffersen, Director of SP - The National Innovative Centre for General Education (Denmark)

Co-founder of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy and CEO of Deep democracy LTD, Myrna Lewis has a dream of helping individuals, orgnaisations and society at large to grow and develop. She has a BA degree in Social Science, BA Hons degree in Psychology and a M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. She completed further training in Process Orientated Psychology and Psycho Synthesis. Her clinical practice led to consulting work with business and industry. She entered the corporate world in 1984 when she joined a multinational company, as HR director. In 1986 she became a consultant and has since been involved with facilitating large- scale transformation processes within corporate, NGO, NPO and social activist organisations in South Africa, and internationally.

Deep Democracy emerged when Myrna and her late husband Greg Lewis, were contracted by Eskom (SA utility company) to assist in helping the organisation transform from a racist organisation under the apartheid era to a non-racial organisation in line with the new governance of South Africa. The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy was designed for people in the work place to enable them to function and resolve racial tension. The emphasis of the Lewis Method has been on practical and pragmatic applications for people in the general population who have not been trained in the human sciences. The Lewis Method quickly spread and was used successfully in other work related situations, a myriad of sectors and in numerous countries.

Myrna is recipient of a 2001 Ashoka Fellowship award, which supported her empowerment world with South African teachers and HIV/Aids counsellors. In 2006, the United Nations recognized Deep Democracy as one of eighty leading African innovations. In 2012 Myrna became involved with the innovation and changes in Swedish Political Practices. SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) had initiated large scale community dialogues to involve their citizens in major decisions. The primary method of facilitation has been Deep Democracy. In 2014 commenced teaching the Lewis Method to The International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Turin, Italy.

Myrna is mother of two and grandmother of four. She continues to travel the world to facilitate Deep Democracy training and processes internationally. With the spread of Deep Democracy, Myrna also oversees the training and development of DD instructors, innovation and development of Deep Democracy and supporting the international DD community.

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