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Lets Talk Mediation

There are many loose ends to sort out when a relationship comes to a close. Let's Talk is a unique mediation method that will help resolve disputes that are seemingly at a deadlock without going the litigation route. It has many advantages as lawsuits can be

Let's Talk Mediation is different, it offers an alternative way of dealing with the complex issues inherent in concluding a relationship. It recognises and understands that every relationship is dynamic; and that there is significant tension and emotionality in divorce proceedings. Let's Talk Mediation helps you and your partner to address the rational as well as the emotional issues that are prevalent in a divorce situation. In other words, in addition to making decisions around sensitive issues (the children, custody & access and the finances), you and your partner will be able to resolve some of the emotional tension too. These emotions tend to sit in the unconscious or below the waterline (refer to diagram below) and require different tools to address them.

And as a result of not going through adversarial divorce the mediating couple are more likely to resolve their conflict sooner, spend less money and be more satisfied with the process and the outcomes.

Let's Talk has its roots in the Lewis method of Deep Democracy a tried and tested facilitation method used from boardroom to classroom, all over the world for the past 20 years.

The difference between Let's Talk Mediation and litigation

The difference between Let's Talk Mediation and other forms of mediation

Important decisions that people need to make at this time can be clouded by strong and often ongoing emotional tension.

The Lets Talk process enables the expression and resolution of these feelings in a safe manner, thereby enabling the necessary decisions to be gained with both parties 'buying in' to the decision. Other forms of mediation typically don't encourage the resolution of these emotional tensions, they work at a purely rational or cognitive level. The problem with only addressing the cognitive or rational issues is that unless the emotional issues are expressed and addressed they may derail the process.

Let's Talk Process

Let's Talk Mediation can get started quickly, and although there may be several meetings, the process can be completed within a time frame of a few weeks or at most a few months. Typically the process takes between 3-7 sessions of 90 minutes each.

A Let's Talk Mediator will facilitate these sessions. You and your spouse would sit down in the same room with one another together with a Let's Talk mediator. He/She will guide you through the unique 4-step method. In this manner you will work through all the issues you need to resolve, so the relationship can come to an amicable conclusion.

At the end of the session the mediating couple will have come to decisions that both parties feel comfortable with. These outcomes will be shared with the attorneys who will draft a Settlement Agreement. This document details all the points of agreement reached during the mediation process.