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Greg Lewis

American-born Greg Lewis studied physics in Minneapolis. During the Vietnam War, he was conscripted into the US Army Intelligence Core and was posted to Thailand and Ascension Island.

On his return to Minneapolis he studied Architecture. After graduating he helped establish an architectural practice in Seattle, which specialized in designing and building hospitals.

In order to design a hospice, he worked as a volunteer with people suffering from HIV/AIDS to understand the needs of the dying. The hospice he designed subsequently won a major architectural award.

This work as a volunteer inspired Greg to switch professions . He studied psychology and completed his Masters in Counselling Psychology at Antioch University in Seattle in 1993. Later that year he married Myrna and moved to South Africa.

He practiced as a counselling psychologist specializing in working with Indigenous people in the turbulent townships of Pretoria and Johannesburg as South Africa moved from apartheid to democracy.

As a director and consultant for Dharma partners he also worked as a business consultant. In this highly successful consultant role he was able to merge his own rich business experience with his awareness of human behavior.

This culminated in the development of Deep Democracy which he co-developed with his wife Myrna for a division of Eskom , South Africa's utility company.

As Deep Democracy expanded Greg through his, wisdom, high intellect, compassion and unique set of skills ie physiques, business, architecture and psychology was able to translate complex ideas into pragmatic, user friendly and easy to use skills which is the hallmark of DD today.

Greg died suddenly of a heart attack in South Africa in 2003.

The Lewis method of Deep Democracy is a tribute to his life.

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