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"The groundbreaking work of Myrna Lewis has inspired and guided the efforts of transforming democracy in Swedish municipalities and regions. Myrna's work has been used in groundbreaking projects, co-creating with small and large groups, to meet complex political issues such as human rights, conflict and societal values.' - Martin Sande, Creative leader at co-Lab by Preera.

"The Israeli-Palestinian BDS debate was quite possibly one of the best meetings I have facilitated. In the words of the student politician who had convened the event: if it had gone any better we would have solved the Middle East problem!" - Dr. Aftab Erfan, Instructor, University of British Columbia

Around the world social activists are using Deep Democracy to tackle the difficult tasks of resolving some of societies' most pressing problems. The Method, designed to include and empower, enables challenging conversations and dialogue to take place by creating a safe space as well as ensuring that all the voices and views are heard. In this way seeming impossible issues can be tackled and resolved so that tension is reduced, realistic solutions for the future found and empowerment, the core of all authentic social activism, achieved.

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