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"The groundbreaking work of Myrna Lewis has inspired and guided the efforts of transforming democracy in Swedish municipalities and regions. Myrna's work has been used in groundbreaking projects, co-creating with small and large groups, to meet complex political issues such as human rights, conflict and societal values." - Martin Sande, Creative leader at co-Lab by Preera

"The City of Gothenburg: Local consultants trained and mentored by Myrna Lewis are in the process of executing a capacity building program in dialogue and conflict management for city employees, leaders politicians and partners. The Lewis method of Deep Democracy inspires much of the content of this program." - MBernard Le Roux Development Co-ordinator, The office of Social Sustainability, City of Gothenburg

The citizens of SWEDEN see themselves as the leaders in democratic practices for Western Countries.

Since 2012 there have been critical changes in Swedish Political Practices. SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) had initiated large scale community dialogues to involve their citizens in major decisions. As these dialogues took place there was a recognition that the dialogues needed to be skilfully facilitated. The facilitators had to create a safe space enabling different political viewpoints and the needs of different stakeholders and the community to be heard. The tensions from the diverse views needed to be resolved in a manner that led to the best solution for all as opposed to power plays which tend to dominate the political realm .

The primary method of facilitation has been Deep Democracy.

In 2013/2014 Legislation was passed in Sweden that dialogue had to take place with the relevant stakeholders and communities before any changes could be implemented. The law specified that if the dialogue did not take place a suitable explanation had to be given.

Through a fast track training program specifically designed to meet this need several DD facilitators were trained.

These facilitators have been and are very involved with implementing large scale dialogues in a myriad of political and governmental projects.