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Many of us adults believe we are proponents of democracy. But when it comes down to it, most of us fail to teach the younger generation about democratic values and behaviours in a way that is meaningful in their lives. As parents and teachers we tend to be too autocratic, often making decisions for children and telling them what to do (which only works until they reach their teens. While the decisions may be in their own best interest, the consequence of this approach is that our children often do not develop strong decision-making skills as they grow up. They don't know how to sort out their disagreements with their peers, how to be inclusive of others' ideas, and how to productively insert their own voice in group situations. In other words, they don't learn how to practice democracy.

The Parent-Teacher Effectiveness Training has been developed specifically to share the tools of Deep Democracy with those working with young people, in order to address some of the challenges identified above. The training introduces parents and educators to the easy-to-use shared decision-making steps of Deep Democracy that have proven to be effective with children and teenagers. Using a mixture of story-telling, presentation and discussion, the training is designed to enable parents and educators to become Deep Democracy facilitators at the most basic level in families and classrooms, and to in turn impart these skills onto young people.

Parent-Teacher Effectiveness Training typically runs for 3 hours. No previous experience with Deep Democracy is necessary.

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