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Deep Democracy in NGOs

Deep Democracy by seeing the No as a source of wisdom rather than a threat opens up new possibilities. Through this it is able to create space where inner wisdom can surface and provide long lasting solutions to deeply embedded issues. Such an approach is particularly vital while working with marginalised people and the poor. By acknowledging their inner wisdom DD can be a significant way of empowering such people to become active participants. - Gomathy Balasbramanian Tata Institute of Social Sciences India

In society it can be hard to maintain stability and cooperation while juggling the multifaceted activities of a non-profit organisation. In the crucible of funding pressures, volunteer supervision, philosophical variances and regulatory compliance, even the most motivated players can lose heart and focus. Group dynamics are ironically harder to manage in NGO settings where the level of passion and idealism tends to be high.

Deep Democracy is especially effective in helping NGOs, their staff, trustees and volunteers to make genuinely collaborative decisions reflecting their shared interests and commitment. It provides toolkit, skills and methodology required for:

The following are some examples of where the method has been used within the non-profit sector:

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