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Deep Democracy in Business, Government and Organisations

"As director and owner of a national commercial business, (turnover of $30 million) ...applied the Lewis methodology to my business during the Global Financial Crisis... remained competitive expanded, offered employment. in NSW, ACT, and VIC" H, Stewart, Director UCI Pty Ltd (Australia)

"Deep Democracy is one of the most significant new techniques I have ever brought to my work. It has radically changed the way I consult, and also the way I work internally in my own organisation. It offers me tools, approaches, and ways of seeing group dynamics that take my change management ability to a new level." Pamela Venables Director DD International

Deep Democracy has evolved a cutting-edge course, The CoResolve Participative Leadership Program, to meet the challengers and demands of leaders in the 21st century. It enables leaders, teams and organizations to perform at optimum; running more effectively and efficiently in today's competitive environment and equipping them to deal with complexity and globalization.

This program enhances leadership knowledge and capacity by providing the necessary skills, tools and theoretical understanding to improve day-to-day functions such as running meetings, decision-making, problem solving and resolving tension. It is targeted at anybody who is trying to drive an agenda such as business leaders, managers, supervisors, consultants, human resource practitioners, team workers, mentors, coaches and strategists. And it recognizes that leadership today is no longer embodied in individuals, but needs to be shared.

It is particularly useful tool for organisations involved in mergers, management changes, strategic adjustments, expansion, downsizing and other business challenges. CoResolve views these crucial junctures as opportunities to strengthen organisations and to create the conditions for healthy regeneration.

The tools have been widely applied in many parts of the world in both the Public and Private sector including.

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