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Deep Democracy Golden Arrows - Appreciating Others

"Appreciating Others" is an event built around one of the most powerful tools of Deep Democracy called the Golden Arrows.

The idea of the Golden Arrows is simple: When we are in relationship with someone we often notice things about them that impress us - the way he answers the phone, her cutting intelligence, his open kindness, the graceful way she moves- but we almost never mention these things we notice to the other person. We feel embarrassed about telling people that we notice their strengths, and we are often uncomfortable if others try to bring attention to our own gifts. So instead, we keep these unspoken compliments in an imaginary quiver like a stack of Golden Arrows.

One way for relationships to grow, and for strained relationships to recover, is to bring the Golden Arrows out of our quivers and throw them at each other. "Appreciating Others" is a structured session in which the process of discovering and disclosing the Golden Arrows is facilitated by a trained Deep Democracy practitioner. The process helps individuals strengthen relationships that matter to them and increase their self-awareness at the same time. It is recommended for parents and children of all ages, siblings, friends, lovers, spouses, colleagues, business partners or any two people with a relationship in need of care and attention.

A typical "Appreciating Others" session takes 2 to 3 hours. Participants are encouraged to bring a partner with whom you would like to work on the mutual relationship. No previous experience with Deep Democracy is necessary.

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