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Power and Love: Excerpt from Adam Kahane’s Book (2009)


An Experiment In Therapeutic Planning - Aftab Erfan

Deep Democracy in relation to Dialogue Processes - Mille Bojer

Conversations Across The Socio-Economic Divide: Deep Democracy in Action (2009) - Aftab Erfan

Foundations for a Culture of Safety - Georgina Veldhorst

Understanding ‘Roles’ and the Impact on a Culture of Safety - Georgina Veldhorst

Deep Democracy and Crime - Myrna Lewis; Peter Jordi

Deep Democracy and Rahamim - Roz Townsend


Testimonial from Kenya - Fred Witteveen and Georgina Veldhorst

In 2007 Kenyans were traumatized by post election violence. Many of the participants in the violence were unemployed youth. This is not the first time post election violence has occurred in Kenya...

DD Bishop Baven Leadership Program

The Bishop Bavin matric class of 2014 has just completed the Deep Democracy Leadership Skills program as part of a visionary drive to empower learners with leadership tools and experience...