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“Born out of south africa’s transformation from apartheid to democracy, the lewis method of deep democracy is a facilitative method used by leaders and facilitators from all walks of life. The process enables voices to be heard, mines the inherent wisdom by resolving tension and conflict and results in transformation and change.”

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy can be used in different ways, by different people in different settings. Essentially the method can be thought of as a valuable life skill to assist with decision making, facilitation, dialogue, cooperation, leadership and conflict resolution. The methodology can be used in a myriad of everyday situations from making light decisions about what to do with the family, to gaining deep personal insights and awareness’s, to encouraging participative leadership, to facilitating interventions, to addressing and resolving the complex demands of socio-political issues.

The beauty behind this unique approach is that on the one hand it is simple, practical and accessible and on the other hand it is profound, solution orientated and powerful. It is currently used in over 35 countries by a diverse range of people. Whether you are a CEO, manager, parent, team leader, facilitator, coach or primary school pupil, Deep Democracy can open the door to personal insights and organisational progress, creating new opportunities for growth at every level of your experience.

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